Fire/Water Restoration & Clean Up

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration

What is Fire?

Its a rapid oxidation process that releases energy in varying intensities in for of light and heat and often creates smoke.

Bnd Professionals will come with the proper equipment to assure that the fire and smoke will be properly removed and remediated. We will remove soot with a heavy duty hepa vacuum. You want to make sure that the soot in the clothes are removed by either chemicals or dry cleaning. It is important that the proper odor removal products are used to get the best results.

Cleaning Furnishing and Textile

We will take the non washable items to a fire certified dry cleaner for a special cleaning process. Have carpets cleaned before and after repairs of property. Some carpets may need to be replaced.

Removing Smoke Odor from the Home

One of the best things to use is a special thermal fogging chemical which will penetrate your home and walls just as the fire did, neutralizing the smoke odor as it goes. We know that in some situation we will need to remove the smoke from ducts.

Understanding what we can do for you

If you have a fire you need someone to come and fully assess the whole situation and assist you in getting things back together as quickly as possible. Having a company that can work with you to bring your property back to normal and in many cases better than before. A fire can have you wondering where to go, what to do and who to call, BND knows that this is difficult and want to make this as simple and quick as possible. There are alot of moving parts in this matter and we want to address them with you immediately.

1.Arranging a meeting to come to the house and speak to you while we look over the damage

2. Reviewing your insurance policy

3. Getting your permission to be the company that will get you back to normal

4. Taking the proper assessment of clothing, belongings and so much more

5. Providing a board up service to assure the property is protected while you are going through the overall process of getting things back to normal

6. Arranging a place for you to stay while we conduct our work for you

7. Setting you up with a professional contractor to walk through the property taking notes and getting it ready for the phase you are really waiting to see.