Fire/Water Restoration & Clean Up


Many times we dont know why hoarders cant let go of the items we think are out of line but its more than what we think it is and its more than we can think about because the connection that they have to their belongings can range from sentimental to personal and we must know how to separate them properly. Having a mental health professional on site to assist will be the best way to make sure everyone is being respected and everything. Once we show up to the location we immediately make sure to assess the complete areas, take notes and pictures and then begin the understanding process, which is why if needed we have a mental health professional on site. You never want to go into someones hoarder situation and just begin throwing things around with no regards, thats the sure way of getting kicked off of the job and ruining the hoarders experience of possibly being able to get their lives in order.

BND will assure you trained professionals and caring technicians, please contact us and we will work with you to make this experience a good one.