Fire Damage Restoration

Many times we forget to unplug things and allow unqualified people to do jobs on our properties that can cause fires. Knowing what gauge of wire to use for your plug-ins is essential and really the best thing to do is, have a certified electrician look at your electrical box and upgrade your panel box if anything. Inside this box holds the key to your life and your friends and family life. Adding something to outlet that’s not the proper voltage or wattage, can cause the box to malfunction and cause a fire. So lets talk about that if it happens.The fire department will come and do what ever they have to do to assure that the fire is completely out, and in doing this they will destroy alot of things and to you it will seem like its unnecessary, but it is more necessary then you could ever imagine. See if you had taken the proper precautions in the first place, you would not have the fire department there at all. Now I do understand people set fires, unfortunate things happen like something running into your house, forest fires and other things, but the things we can prevent are the things I am speaking of. BnD will come out to your property and provide you with the services you need to get your life back in order, from boarding the house up, tarping the roof, securing the complete premises,dealing with the insurance company, clean up, remediation,preparing the items that can be saved to go to the proper cleaners and then putting the property back together better then it was. Knowing that you don’t have to ruin your already stressed mind in trying to find out where to go when you are standing there looking at the fire, BnD will take away that stress and assure you that you will be just fine. Many times contractors will come and make you think that something is bigger then it is for the sake of securing your fear, but BnD will never do that, we come to you with ease and integrity. Our professionals will work with you just like you were part of the family and make sure every movement is a great one. We will work efficient and quick to assure you back in your home as soon as we can. We understand the complete process of a fire and would assure you that BnD will be your best Property Experts.

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Fire Damage

I know….Clean up! It is probably one of the worse part of the job is the clean up. BUT, you don’t have to worry, because BnD will do all the clean up and removal you need. We will preserve all things that are precious to you and we will coordinate our movements with you and or your family/friends.We completely understand how important it is to have valuables destroyed in a fire and don’t know if you can get them back.We will make sure that pictures and other precious items that can be saved, be saved. It is pain staking during this process but it is something that must be done, because there are many things that can be saved and restored from the furniture to the clothing. This is why it is important that you work with a good contractor who knows about fire, water and mold. It would be nice to have them show you certification so that you will know you will be expecting the best company for the job.

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This process is by far the most rewarding process because we get to put it back together and we get to see the smiles on your face. Restoring property is something that is so rewarding because when we take on any project, we make sure we are dealing with professionals who are committed to excellence. Knowing that this will be the final piece of the puzzle will be exciting because we know once you see the results, you will be amazed. Theres alot of details and specifics going into knowing about these restorations processes and procedures and BnD will provide excellent restoration and finish work. BnD is a qualified Property experts company that works every day to put together the best business practices available.We have skilled carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, sheet rockers,painters, architects and all the necessary tools to complete all projects from the beginning to end. Contact BnD and ask for consultation on your project and how we can provide you excellent service. Whether you have a garage, house or building, we can provide you with the right service. There’s nothing we can not discuss to do for you that will be out of touch for us as long as we can develop a plan.